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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Born to Kill Cheese Bike #5

Zine Review: Born to Kill Cheese Bike #5

The cool thing about zines is that any subject can be intriguing if it is given a creative presentation. Born to Kill – Cheese Bike #5 proves my assertion. The creator of this zine chronicles his work selling grilled cheese sandwiches cheap in New York City from the back of his motorbike. At the beginning of issue #5 there is a traffic mishap and the bike needs an overhaul. The writer details the repairs and changes he makes to menu and equipment. 

At first I wondered if this had something to do with The Journey, in which filmmaker Eric Saperston sets out on a quest to find America by selling grilled cheese sandwiches (subtitled: sexy kind) for a buck out of his VW camper. But I didn’t find any connection between these two similar but apparently unrelated projects. No matter – this zine is unique in it’s approach to the material, recording the process with photographs and even a daily accounting of how much the author made from his enterprise and where.
Born to Kill – Cheese Bike #5 is available from Microcosm.

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