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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Zines @ Doris

new zines

Telegram #24
Miranda changes the name of their long-running zine Telegram Ma'am, to more clearly reflect their genderless identity. This issue discusses pronouns, getting tired and frustrated with having to constantly talk the basics - Queer 101, Disability 101, etc. It also has a great article about mental health and supporting friends in daily life and also when they're in the hospital. Plus self care ideas and a piece on sobriety.

Telegram #25
Miranda says "I wanted to make a zine about creating magical, artistic, creative, meaningful daily lives, so this is it." Which really says it all! Excellent and inspiring!

Neither Butch Nor Femme #3 / Curioddity #4
Split zine. Both sides addressing the 7 Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Lynne address each topic in their refreshing, straightforward way. Curioser Jane writes her side in her powerful storytelling way.

Deafula #3
Another excellent issue of this zine! This issue talks about not wanting to be a "spokesperson" for deafness, identity politics within deaf communities, questions and reaction people have, tips for people who work in customer service about how to accept relay calls (where the operator acts as a go between for you); a piece about "Blind Rage: An Open Letter to Helen Keller" where she talks about daily annoyances, the problems with being a spokesperson - "graciously disabled" - and the rage and the ways spokespersonness takes away your full humanity because people only pay attention to what you have to say about your disability and think you have no other contribution to make. Also: Top 5 things that you don't realize are super annoying for peeps with hearing loss, and 5 top things you are mission out on by being hearing.

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