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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Zine Showcase #18

Zine Showcase #18

Family Style
Elf World #1 // $6.00 + shipping

A collaborative zine heavily inspired by the fantasy genre including a liberal mix of short stories and mini-epics. The Elf World series has been lovingly created with great attention to detail; the hand-printed letterpress covers with French flaps are utterly divine and the illustration work inside is supreme.

François Vigneault
Website // Shop // Blog
Bird Brain #4 // $3 + shipping

François Vigneault was inspired to create this zine by a series of field trips in the Spring to Winter of 2010. Combining personal sketches (and a beautiful watercolour study) with observations from bird encounters, this 16 page black and white zine with Gocco printed cover makes a lovely edition to the collection.

Christopher Fischer & Kenneth Adkins
Website // Shop
Mountain Man Meat // $5 + shipping

The website describes this zine as "collected artwork and thought/collage from mysterious collective." Nightmarish perversions illustrated and demonstrated through collage, blended with scrawling written words that make little sense aside from being peculiarly obscure. Mountain Man Meat is filthy disgusting, scruffy and nonconforming - perfect.

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