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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Audrey & Audrey

What’s on my desk

On my desk right now is a zine called “Audrey & Audrey” by Ayano Takeuchi that needs a new call number as it is so small (10 cm high) that is was feared it might get lost in the pamphlet run. I’m actually, really happy to see it again as it is a beautifully crafted zine with wonderful illustrations. Not surprisingly, the zine was a finalist, in a design competition held annually in New York by Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. to highlight the use of their papers.

The contrast between the zine’s beauty and storyline also adds to the slight chill I feel when I read it. On the surface it appears to be about a train trip taken by a little girl with her doll and the beautiful paper and illustrations bring to mind treasured childhood classics like Winnie the Pooh. However, when the little girl looses her doll she is suddenly confronted with what seems to be an image of herself as an old woman. It plays on all those associations with innocence and childhood toys and the eventual loss of both with ageing.

Cover of Audrey zine

Cover of Audrey zine

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