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Monday, August 16, 2010

G20 Zine: Call for submissions

G20 Zine: Call for submissions

The week of June 21st-27th was intense to say the least. We all have a lot of beautiful and terrible stories left knocking around our heads, so why not get them out? The plan is to create two zines; one for the beautifu stories and one for the less so, with all proceeds going to legal defense for G20 political prisoners.

You can use whatever form of writing you want for both or only one and pictures are welcome as well. Real names are welcome, but not necessary and the dead line for acceptance is August 25. Stories can be as short asyou'd like, but longer entries should aim to be about a page or two (if that's possible). Please send all inquires or entries to zineG20@gmail.com


Support those incarcerated as a result of the G20

Over 1000 people were arrested before, during and after the G20 in an attempt to criminalize dissent. Many of these were on obviously trumped up charges. A number of people remain in prison in 'preventative detention' or have been arrested since the G20 summit.

Many of you already know Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, a friend, ally, poet and Guelph activist who was arrested and released on bail during the G20. After returning home to Peterborough, she turned herself in less than an hour after police gave a press conference stating that Kelly was wanted for six counts of mischief over $5000 in connection with damages related to the G20.

"Rather then allowing the trial to take place in the court, Toronto Police instead chose to have a trial-by-media sensationalizing her case through words such as "ringleader" and "most wanted". Previous arrested people have had publication bans on their bail hearings specifically to stop the media from ruining their chances at a fair trial. With her face splashed on the cover of every news station, she not only lost her chance at a fair trial in court, but is already convicted in the minds of the majority of those who follow the media as a criminal, radical and terrorist."

She has been in custody at Vanier since July 22nd.

Folks are being asked to write to her, and send pictures of the outside:

Kelly Rose Pflug-Back

Vanier Centre for Women

P.O. Box 1040

655 Martin Street

Milton, ON L9T 5E6

Most recently, a callout has been issued asking folks to take action, since she is being denied medical attention at Vanier. Callout is below. Please pass far and wide!!


Political Prisoner Kelly Pflug Back, who suffers from Diabetes as well as other serious health problems, has been denied a doctor's visit without any valid reason. As we speak , Kellys health is deteriorating and she is getting no medical attention. We feel that EVERY person has a right to healthcare and feel that no one has the right to deny another person health care for punitive reasons.

SOS is calling on all people to call the superintendent at Vanier and demand that Kelly Pflug Back be allowed to see a doctor. HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT FOR ALL AND NOT A TOOL FOR PUNISHMENT!!!!

Call Superintendent Donna Keating at (905) 876-8300 ext. 7316 and demand that Kelly be allowed to see a doctor.

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