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Saturday, August 14, 2010

BugPowder Weblog : August 7, 2010


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via BugPowder Weblog on 8/7/10

  • Gwen Turner is launching Domestic Bliss, and offering a free preview at her website, where you can buy the book in various formats.

    Domestic Bliss Synopsis:

    The story is a parody on modern living. It is about the journey of three main characters (amongst others): Bliss, a domestic cat and her elderly owners Mr and Mrs Hobnob. Bliss gets lost and has to learn to fend for herself in the wild, whilst the Hobnobs need to move out of the past. It is about two kinds of survival; on the one hand, Bliss and her struggle in the wilderness and her dangerous encounters with the agricultural industry, and on the other, the Hobnobs quest to stay alive whilst playing their roles in an increasingly modern and alienating world. The story is told with very few words as we enter the first episode…

    She will be at the Hypercomics comiket comic fair event in Battersea on the 22nd August, selling Domestic Bliss as part of its launch...


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