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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Skill Shot #14: Seattle's Pinball Zine

Skill Shot #14: Seattle's Pinball Zine
16 pages, mini
$1, or, $5 for a combo pack

I had no idea there was such an extensive culture of pinball fanatics. This is a great little zine, both in content and style. The writing is good, and coverage of the subject thorough. I especially like that there is no need for staples, as the whole thing is made from one 17 x 11 sheet folded, and folded, and folded again. This issue covers a lot of leagues and competitions, and starts out with a report on the 1st Annual Tommy Tournament, where team members play blindfolded. At issue #14, you know these guys are serious. They produce a bunch of different zines, so be specific when ordering.

Chow Chow Productions
POB 20204
Seattle WA 98102


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