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Monday, June 21, 2010


via Randy Spaghetti by noreply@blogger.com (Randy Spaghetti) on 5/23/10

660 4th St #420
San Francisco, CA 94107
This is a new art, music, comic and culture magazine out of glorious San Francisco. It's a full-sized newsprint mag whose contents include spotlights on artists Michael Frank, and Chance, an interesting story about touring around the amazon entitled, "Swimming with Piranha"where a gram of cocaine goes for a whopping $2, you can fish for piranhas, and riding in a mototaxi can be a uniquely dangerous endeavor. It's got interviews with Andrew Jackson Jihad, Make Me!, Kepi Ghoulie as well as record & zine reviews, comics, and some fiction. This is a very solid and quality read that will hopefully find a way to survive in the challenging and often depressing world of print journalism.

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