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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Call for submissions for Bitch theme #2: the clit edition

via Everyone's Blog Posts - We Make Zines by Charlotte Lee on 5/21/10

I've pretty much finished Bitch theme #1 now. It just needs a few final touches and then will be ready to photocopy and all that jazz (I will change my profile information to indicate when it is ready) and i have already begun thinking about Bitch theme #2. For a really long time i have wanted to do a zine dedicated to the cunt, and more specifically, the clit. I think clits are so ridiculously important for women, and it saddens me how few see this importance, and how often the subject of clits is met with disapproval and shame. In that spirit, i have decided bitch theme #2 will be subtitled: the clit edition.

I want this zine to be a resource for women of any age who want to find out more information, read about other's experiences, or just generally feel more at one with their cunt. Although there is a lot that i want to personally write for it, i also want lots of contributions! artwork, poetry etc. are welcomed, but i mainly want your stories. Stories of your first masturbation experience, conversations you've had, sexual experiences you've had- both good and bad etc. I want a variety of voices in this zine. I want to hear anything and everything you have to say about your cunt and clit. Even if you think it might be a bit "out there" to talk about the way you shave (or dont), your preferred masturbation technique etc. trust me, nothing shocks me and i want to hear it all.

Because i want this to be a lengthy resource (and partly because the first one isnt technically finished yet), i am going to set the deadline for the 1st september. Please bear in mind that the zine will be half size. However, saying that, i think it might be best to only accept text submissions and not finished pages. If you have some drawings/images or specific style that you really want incorporated into your piece then i will of course try and accomodate this, but generally, i dont want finished pages.

Any submissions can be emailed to charlotteleeuk@yahoo.com



Edit 21/5/10: After some consideration i have actually decided i am going to subtitle this issue: the cunt and clit edition. Although i do want to focus on the clit somewhat, i am open to any submissions that are to do with the cunt in any way, and i think the original title made the project seem less "all encompassing" if you know what i mean. I have already had one submission, and cant wait to see what else turns up in my inbox! Cheers <3

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