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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sundogs #8

Sundogs #8 by Adam Pasion 36 pages, digest size, biguglyrobot@gmail.com www.biguglyrobot.net/

Adam lives and teaches English in Japan with his partner Ami and young son, Nimo. He makes these comic diaries - every day is three panels, each comic covers about three months. I really love these (got ‘em all now after trading for #6 & 7 and becoming totally addicted). Read ‘em on the bus and the bus always arrived at my destination too damn soon. Day-to-day life for Adam includes stuff like band practice (just Adam and his friend Bob), playing with his son Nimo, cycling to different parts of the city to teach his Japanese students, visiting hot spas (onsens), staying up until dawn drawing, or watching episodes of The Wire [thanks to Adam I got completely addicted to this show], enjoying a refreshing beer (or six), all kinds of *normal* day-to-day stuff, but always fascinating too the observations of Japanese life and culture.

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