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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gag Hag

via Blackguard on 4/18/10

[40 pages, $4.00, 14cm x 14cm square, put together by Onsmith, 2004, available from www.opticalsloth.com  whitey at optical sloth.com ]
A terrific little gag comix anthology featuring great stuff by Ivan Brunetti, Chris Cilla, John Hankiewic, David King, Ted May, Onsmith, Johnny Ryan, Bryce Somerville and Dan Zettwoch.
Gag Hag was a real discovery for me since I'd never heard of most of the contributors, only Ivan Brunetti and Johnny Ryan.
Some of the gags are so obscure I can't figure them out, but that only makes me want to keep it handy so I can check them out again and take another crack at them.

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