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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Zeen Review: Power Cut


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POWER CUT by Triple Bottom Line & Andrew Noble

Triple Bottom Line are a trio of poets & Andrew Noble, from what I gather not getting a bio in the back like Triple Bottom Line, is some kind of designer. They've put together a slickly produced poetry zeen called 'Power Cut'. It's printed on the brown kind post consumer waste paper & all the poems have environmental themes; Triple Bottom Line all met in Environmental Studies @ uni. The creative output of Environmental Studies students when I was @ uni wasn't nearly as impressive as 'Power Cut' was. I'm not much of a poetry fan so I'm sometimes surprised when I find poetry I like, which makes sense considering the vast well of ignorance I've collected avoiding bad poetry. I liked Jules Winefield's pieces best, but of course I should mention the rest of the trio too, Cassie Flanagan & Rachel mead could also take a bow, it's all printed in colour & even the hand written poems appear to have been scanned & layed out of publishing software. This could have made for a very clinical looking tome but the excellent choice of paper skips over the incessant whiteness of a poetry publication in favour of light brown w/ lots of other colours too. 'Tis a worthwhile lil' read. triplebottomline3 at gmail dot com


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