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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Miguinti, Lupi


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Female genital mutilation!  That's the nature of the random review grab pile I have on my desk, folks.  Granted, I would have liked to have come back to reviewing after an exhausting election season and had something lighthearted and cheery, but the power of the random grab compels me.  This was originally attempted as a 24 hour comic and Lupi says that it ended up being more like 48 hours.  That's fine, it probably looks a lot better this way.  This is historical fiction, taking place in Kenya in 1956 after the Brits attempt to ban female genital mutilation.  Crazy, I know, but this story is mostly about the young women of the time having a hard time accepting that fact and eventually doing the mutilating themselves.  Who's right and who's wrong here isn't discussed, as this does an excellent job of staying a fairly straightforward piece of historical fiction.  One note for the especially squeamish: that cover talks about graphic images but it's really only a graphic image, that of a razor being held up to a vagina.  I still don't know exactly what gets cut during the mutilation process (although I can infer from the image in here) and, frankly, I'm good without that particular piece of information lodged in my brain.  This whole comic is up at Lupi's website at the moment, along with other comics that (I'm only guessing here) have nothing to do with genital mutilation.  All told it's a fascinating story and I appreciate the ambiguity, especially with something that damned near every thinking human being has long ago disregarded as an absurd and horrific practice.  No price, but let's say $2.


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