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Sunday, December 14, 2008

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via SIZE MATTERS: The Mini-Comics Blog by Shawn Hoke on 11/20/08

Todd's Favorite Adult Actors and Their Favorite Flowers by Matt Kessler and Zach Huelsing More zine than mini, Todd's Favorite Adult Actors and Their Favorite Flowers is a series of eight baseball card-like cards sheathed in plastic and attached to the spine of the book like regular pages.

I'll let "Todd" describe his work: "These are my favorite adult actors and their favorite flowers. I investigated the subject extensively in personal conversations I had with these men on dates and during romantic interludes... These descriptions are factual and highly intimate; the reader is warned. "

Todd selects eight adult film stars. On the front of each card, artist Zach Huelsing draws a bare-chested star from the pecs up. Escaping from each man's mouth is a single word balloon with the name of their favorite flower written in lower case letters. In the background, Zach provides delicate drawings of the star's chosen flower. On the back of each card, writer Matt Kessler records the vital statistics of the men, including DOB, height, weight, hometown, and top or bottom status. Underneath the stats, Matt relates, in flowery prose, Todd's encounters with his film fixations. From Todd's encounter with Tom Chase, after Tom pricks his finger on the thorns of a bougainvillea:

"I took the slit finger to my lips and licked each bead of blood with my tongue, lapping at his finger like an unshorn Alpaca. Each drop was nutty and thick, and tasted like wood-aged port."

From Todd's encounter with Roman Ragazzi and the sabra cactus flower:

"I was dancing in a chic Bhangra club hidden in the deep alluvial plains of Punjab… I was dressed in a beautiful Phulkari shawl. It was red and tailored to accentuate the finer parts of my physique."

Todd's cards are a delight. His stories are exotic and intoxicating, and Zach's colorful inked lines help set the mood for Todd's erotic liaisons. The eight protected cards are safely wrapped in a thick cover with the back cover folding over the cards and securing with a hidden Velcro disc. And since Todd's longing is universal and beautifully captured by Matt's prose, Todd's Favorite Adult Actors and Their Favorite Flowers is the type of art object that you'll want to share with all your friends.

Check out Quimby's or the Eye Rocket Books website beginning December 12th. Todd's Favorite Adult Actors and Their Favorite Flowers is a limited edition of 500 and available for $10.
Below, I've scanned Todd's thoughtful missive to a lonely reviewer ensconced in his drafty office:


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