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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Figure 8 (Issue #3)

via Feminist Review by Feminist Review on 12/1/07
By Krissy Durden
Pony Boy Press

I thoroughly enjoyed this zine about fat liberation and body acceptance! I read it cover to cover in one sitting.

After an introduction explaining how overwhelming it was for Krissy to do another issue of this zine and a brief but positive letters section, the reader is treated to an interview with Marilyn Wann. Wann, who is probably most widely recognized as the mover and shaker behind the zine Fat!So? discusses what she has been doing since her book was published in 1999 and offers her ideas for ending fat oppression.

Next Krissy writes about her experiences taking a yoga class especially for people with big bodies. At the end of the essay, she includes tips for "fat girls" who want to practice yoga and a list of yoga resources helpful for people with large bodies.

The yoga section is followed by interviews with four women who participated in FATASS pdx, a Portland, OR cheerleading troupe for fat women. I especially enjoyed the three cheers that were part of the squad's performances, with words of inspiration such as, "Hey, Hey You/Watch what you say/Cuz your self-worth/ain't about what you weigh" and "My derriere is double-duty!/Wigglin', Jiggling, somethin' vicious/MY BIG FAT ASS IS FLESHALICIOUS!" I wish I could have seen FATASS pdx perform! Unfortunately the group is now in hiatus, but there is hope that it will be revived, maybe with new cheerleaders. Krissy tells us, "Anyone can start up a FATASS in their own town and we highly recommend it. Besides the absolute fun, chub love and awesome fat positive lyrics you get to shout at people—you get Pom Pons!"

Also in this issue are "Lessons in Fat History" (featuring the Fat Liberation Manifesto), "Hope among the Horrid" (a report on the myths of the obesity epidemic and the health at every size movement), "Inspiration Is Everywhere" (more about fat liberation from Marilyn Wann), a resource list for learning more about being fat positive in a fat negative world.

Unfortunately, Figure 8 is published sporadically. Two years went by between the publication of issue #2 and issue #3, and issue #3 seems to have been published in 2005. I'd really like to see Krissy put out Figure 8 more often. The world needs her sassy and well-written rants against fat oppression and body hatred; the world needs her ideas on how to stop such nonsense.

Review by Chantel C. Guidry
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