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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Breaking Open My Head #2


via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 12/26/07

Breaking Open My Head #2 / .50 / :15 / 32M / Box 5138, 222 Church St, Middletown, CT, 06459-5138 / 

This magazine goes pretty much everywhere, as it is a personal zine with a very political subtext that is run all through this issue. This is done by an individual still in high school, and there seems to be a lack of smoothed-out philosophy here. For example, there are quotes strewn throughout this issue of the magazine from the French leftist movement of the sixties, even as there are comics present that joke around about pedophilia and anal rape. The zine may be 32 pages, but there is just not that much information to reed; a number of the pages are just pictures with a quotation or blurb underneath of them. The aforementioned French quotations are interesting to go over, even if it means that individuals have to flip around each page of the issue to make them readable. The gold in this issue (besides the color of the cover) has to be in Brendan’s description of being in the same protests as the Black Bloc, as well as one small bit of resistance that ey did in the French subway This is only issue two, so I am confident that Brendan will be able to continually refine and make sharper ey philosophy and overall tone of Breaking Open My Head. The cost cannot be argued with, and there is a genuine sense that Brendan is trying eir heart out here. Give a buck or two (even though it says fifty cents) to the address listed, and try to get the latest issue of Breaking Open My Head from Brendan.

Rating: 5.8/10


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