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Thursday, October 4, 2018

What Cubehead Thinks

What Cubehead thinks (souls)

by Will Conway / tastes of ink

A7 zine fold from A4. B&W print on coloured paper. 


The third issue of What Cubehead Thinks tackles the shadowy spectre of souls. 

I know, you're thinking that perhaps you don't need to listen to what a man with a cube for a head has to say about a topic religious scholars have been arguing about for centuries. But, within just eight pages, Cubehead pulls apart whole belief systems with a robust, smart, witty logic.

I can honestly say that even after only three issues Cubehead is becoming one of my favourite alternative comic characters, one that's perfectly suited to a pocket sized zine format. I look forward to more. 

You can pick up a copy on etsy: etsy.com/uk/listing/647357237/what-cubehead-thinks-will-conway-first

While you are there check out Will's other Cubehead zines - both of which (and more) are reviewed here.

Review by Nathan Penlington

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