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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dog-Ear - Issue 9

Dog-Ear - Issue 9

6cm x 21cm (A4 folded into 5 panels)

Free where stocked / £1.50 if bought online

Dog-Ear is a great example of a publication in which content, form, and distribution, all coalesce into a unique, perfect zine. 

The zine is formatted from a single A4 sheet concertina folded into a bookmark. The size means each page is perfect for poems, short short-stories, and provides an elongated blank canvas for original illustrations. 

The contents of issue 9 include witty pieces from Neil Laurenson, Olivia Spidel, Nathan Fidler, Rebecca Field, and Mansour Chow; an excellent visual interpretation of Day of the Triffids by Vicki Johnson; and an experimental crossword by Charlie Methven in which the answers are each a different single letter of the alphabet (its a concept George Perec - member of the Oulipo and crossword composer - would definitely approve).

Dog-Ear is primarily distributed free at selected independent bookshops at locations around the world, but it is also available to buy either as a year subscription (£7 for 4 issues), or individually at £1.50 an issue. 

Dog-Ear is also open for submission - check their website for details: dog-ear.co/submit

Review by Nathan Penlington

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