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Friday, April 14, 2017


Sayward Barone

8 Pages
Printer Paper - Black and White
Size: Mini
$0.78 + Shipping

Seasons. is a small, folded zine on white printer paper with a small poem that is sure to set big ripples.
In Seasons., Sayward Barone describes in eight, small pages the feeling of when the seasons change. Looking at the poem on the surface is just that, but as you start to dig deeper, you find things that make you see the deeper meaning behind the words.

The one thing that really makes this little poem a success, in my book, is the self-application one can do with it. Mentioned in some of my previous reviews, I love to see a poem or work that not only applies to the writer's situation, but can apply to so many other people.

Seasons. manages to successfully describe feelings of suppression and feelings from the weather in a nice, pocket size package. While I wouldn't read this on a light heart, this is definitely one worth picking up.

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Review by Daniel Peralta
Completed on 04/14/2017; 2:30 P.M. CST

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