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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Moviejawn - June 2016


Volume 2 - Issue 4 / June 2016

11cm x 14cm - 52 pages, black and white with colour centre pages

$5 (subscription for the rest of the year)

The movies are life. The zine is the engine. We are the future.

Moviejawn is a pocket sized celebration of the kind of films that should be celebrated - the ones that find you, rather than you finding them. The ones you found in the back of the old VHS rental shop, the ones that were passed around on a recording of a recording of a recording, the ones that are generally terrible in a Film sense - but have had a profound effect on you every time you've watched them. Those films.

The zine takes the form of short essays and reviews of films generally more old than new, discussing why those films are so great, and examining their impact on movie watchers. It is fun, informative, and irreverent. This issue focuses on sport in films: baseball, the true American sport, is discussed in a feature on The Sandlot; the influence of the 2000 dance film and "schmaltz-fest" Center Stage on Black Swan; fandom for Crispin Glover leads to an in-depth look at Like Mike, a kind of Cinderella for basketball; while remembering what it is like not to fit in results in a review of Whip It, a roller derby movie featuring Ellen Page.

I've been sent a small package of Moviejawn back issues - but I thought I'd start with the latest. Reviews of previous issues to follow soon. Contact Moviejawn to request specific issues as part of your order. 

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Visit Moviejawn on the web: moviejawn.com

Review by Nathan Penlington

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