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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mark's Demise #1

Mark's Demise #1
16 pages, digest
$1, prefers trades

Primarily photographs from Atlanta, Chicago, and Cleveland. There's a one frame cartoon, and a rant transcribed from an audio recording of a drummer going off about the craziness of their tour schedule. The band is from Atlanta, (oddly, the name of the band was blacked out after the zine was print ready.) Apparently they got lucky opening for a big name act, only problem was the headliners were flying to all the gigs, and the Atlanta band had to drive. I used to be an over the road semi driver and I gotta tell you it's pretty mind numbing what they did.

Since this is issue #1, and because it's brief and not centered on anything in particular, it's hard to say what exactly it is about. Not that that matters.

I would say It's energetic and upbeat, but I could be projecting that. I met Mark for the first time when he handed the zine over for review. I sent an email inquiring about it and he wrote back, “Honestly, I live one block away from you. Want to meet up for a coffee...?” He was energetic and upbeat, so my assessment of the printed matter may not be entirely subjective. Regardless, I give both the man and the zine a thumbs up.

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review by Jack Cheiky
This zine is being donated to the Cleveland Zine Library after review.

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