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Friday, April 8, 2016

Lil' Buddies Magazine - Issue 2

Lil' Buddies Magazine - Issue 2

Edie Fake

11cm x 14cm, 36 pages, cardboard covers. B&W with some colour illustrations. 


This is a great little zine, in the same ballpark as Crap Hound, but with an even narrower subject focus - the often overlooked realm of the anthropomorphic objects used in advertising. 

Issue 2 is devoted entirely to teeth - creepy, smiling, mocking, cutsey, the badly drawn, and the over thought. From teeth in neon, through ones straddling car roofs, to those with a human inside - they are all here. 

Buy a copy from Exile Books. I picked my copy up during a recent trip through Miami from the Exile Books pop-up at History Miami.

Review by Nathan Penlington

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