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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Everything is Fine #1

Everything is Fine #1
36 pages, digest
$3.50 U.S. delivered
$5.00 International

Old school, cut & paste perzine with graphics on every page. Cover is delightfully creepy.

Nyxia Grey fights back against abuse and anorexia with scissors, glue, an old typewriter, a word possessor, and a ton of manic energy, purging herself of thoughts and feelings that have dominated her life. "i will cut it out of me and leave it here word by word by word until i am whole again."

In parts where she is using the typewriter she leaves in the typos and runtogetherwords and strikes a certain rhythm that becomes poetic the longer your read it.

She is recovering, so there is power and hope in her writing. Starkly honest, she puts it all out there, holding little back. Intimate descriptions of family conflicts, and the decisions she made about the world and herself that shaped her outlook.

At the same time that she's reaching deep inside herself, she's also reaching out to others who have been through, and who are going through, some of the same stuff. "I will write back. You are not alone."

See gives a very readable voice to a difficult topic. Kudos.


everythingisfinezine (a) gmail.com

review by Jack Cheiky
This zine is being donated to the Cleveland Zine Library after review.

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