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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Suspect Press (Denver's Underground) #8

Suspect Press (Denver's Underground) #8
32 pages, newsprint, 9 x 11        
Free or Trade

Artsy rag with a little attitude, doesn't take itself too seriously. Mostly written and produced by three people, though I don't think that's their goal. Seems to want to be an outlet for lesser know talent.. While somewhat bohemian, it doesn't appear to be specifically or especially underground. But hey, what do I know about Denver's underground? There's a variety of the usual suspects: fiction, comics, cool art, poetry, commentary, interviews, music and book reviews, lots of local ads, and 10 Reasons Why Keanu Reeves should come to my birthday party.

Better than average content for a zine.

denversuspectpress at gmail.com

review by Jack Cheiky

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