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Monday, November 2, 2015

Grimm Memes

Grimm Memes
44 pages including covers, 1/4 size
$3.50? Postage?

A collection of memes that were previously posted on the web site for the God Bless Generica Project. Subversive shit. Some of it's funny.

I wondered why someone would print a bunch of memes when you can just go look at them on line, but after flipping through it I realized that it's a good way to get your message right up in someone's face.

For example, I have heard for a while now about how Jimmy John Liautaud, the owner of Jimmy John's sandwich restaurants, is a sleazy big game hunter of endangered animals. I've never eaten there so I just made a mental note not to start. But actually seeing that fat fuck sitting on a dead elephant smiling and giving the thumbs up sign made me want to go out and start fire bombing Jimmy John's .

Extra points for what looks a very young, very wasted Matthew McMonaughey.

Jack Cheiky

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