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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Not My Small Diary #18

Not My Small Diary #18
148 page, digest
$8.00 US / worldwide prices on order page

Delaine Derry Green has been putting out this ambitious  theme focused anthology of autobiographical comics since 1996. At issue number 18, you know she has to be doing something right. This is a literary quality publication, (no bar code number,) and no one could continue putting out a product like this for very long unless people were loving it and buying it.

 “Every issue of NMSD is like a Who’s Who of the comic/zine world. Worth every penny. NMSD never disappoints.” Xerography Debt

This issue is about pets. These are real peoples stories of real experiences with pets. Some are cute and charming , some are tragic. There's even a weird one bordering on psychedelic. The bulk of the stories are about cats and dogs, but others about a toad, chameleon, guinea pig, rats, cockatiel, cockatoo, koi, mice, Siamese fighting fish, tetra, goldfish, rabbits, and snakes.

This is one of those small press publications that you hope is around for many years to come.

Buy it. If not for yourself, for someone you love who loves pets.

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