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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lucida Console #10

Lucida Console #10
36 pages, digest

This is a great example of why I read zines.

Slater Wilcox starts off by saying he's turning over a new leaf and endeavoring to not be so negative and depressed. He then proceeds to tell us a bunch of negative and depressing shit. In his defense, what's in the zine was written before the opening editorial, so maybe now he really is in better shape mentally.

Negative and depressed or not, the writing itself is of a very high standard. It's easy to read and it draws you in despite the fact that he bends the language in all manner of bastardization. While Slater Wilcox is a pen name, it is unclear (and this is what I find delightful,) whether the colorful narrative is purely fiction or factually autobiographical. It would be equally brilliant in either case, and even when you realize for sure that this is at the very least exaggerated, you still cannot quite make up you mind about it.

Slater is 30ish, semi-vagrant, punk-vegan, and has a love hate relationship with intoxicants and cigarettes. The stories mostly center around the string of jobs he's had and the places he's drifted. The high point is the section where he describes his stint as a teacher's aid, and especially the portion working with special needs kids.

There is more than a hint of humor and glee in the bleak ranting, and Slater is quite likeable despite his antisocial posturing.

You can download a PDF for free @

or you can email him and beg for a print copy, but he is on the road with his band and you may never hear from him.

PS his band Caves is coming to the U.S. in June. They're touring with the Worriers from NYC. Both bands are on Tumblr and Facebook.

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