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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gardening is for Eaters

Gardening is for Eaters
digest, 24 pages, $?
This is Laura-Marie and Ming's new gardening zine. Laura-Marie has been involved with gardens and gardening for much of her life but had found the experience to be mostly frustrating - until now. The gardens she has created and worked on with Ming have given her a newfound passion for gardening and a new level of satisfaction with her gardens. And so to share the excitement, she created this zine. In it she lists all of the plants that are growing in her gardens and includes a brief statement about each one. Then she interviews Ming about permaculture, Jade about food gathering, and Marcus about biointensive farming. This is a fun and informative zine, but it has left me wanting more, so I'm hoping that future issues are in the works.

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