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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dithering Doodles #5

36 pages, 8.5 x 5.5", $2.00 or trade, Steven Anderson, 259 E 700 S, SLC UT 84111, USA + premiumdeluxe [at] hotmail [dot] com It sure was a pleasant surprise to receive an envelope of zines from Steven, with a real actual hand-written (in texta!) letter and all! He sent me his Dithering Doodles zines #1-5, but for now I'm just gonna write about #5. I really haven't seen a zine like this. It's unique. Usually a zine will be like a perzine, with writing, or a comix zine, or a punk rock zine or whatever - pretty consistent material all the way through. With Dithering Doodles, on the other hand, Steven mixes up cut'n'paste images, doodles, maze puzzles he drew, some very funny comments from his "biggest fan" Donovan (whose father told him to shut up and eat his hamburger sandwich), random thoughts (mostly of a finely twisted humorous bent), and longer diary entry type pages. One of these is about how he lost his job because he was drawing pictures on the inside flaps of cardboard boxes his company was shipping out to customers and one humourless jerk customer complained and wrote to his boss saying, "This guy obviously has too much time on his hands." Another one is about how his karate dojo closed because kids these days are either too busy playing video games, or switching over to mixed martial arts. Then a page about why and how he got into karate. It's all written in a really natural, likeable style. Well, that just covers half the issue. I'm gonna get back to it, then read his back issues to examine the development of this very enjoyable zine, which I recommend to you, reader!

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