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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Something for Nothing #63

Something for Nothing #63
digest, 36 pages, free
After a 5 ½ year hiatus, Idy is back with a new issue (the first of several) of Something for Nothing. I was super excited to see this in my PO Box, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who considers this a very welcome return. Something for Nothing, to me, stands out as one of the best music and review focused zines around and has one of my favorite layouts. In this “resurrection issue,” Idy spends almost half the space writing extensively about each Dead Milkmen release (Idy’s favorite band). Next Idy offers more than a dozen book reviews, followed by reviews of a few 1960’s ska compilations. The most unique offering, though, is Idy’s section of short reviews of many of the Subway restaurants he has patronized over the years. Idy has a very personal and personable tone in all of his writing, and his zines are always very text heavy and full of fun information. If you have never read an issue of SfN, which I would find hard to believe to be the case for anyone who has been involved in the zine world for any length of time now, this return issue is an excellent place start. Welcome back, Idy!
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