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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more great new zines

more great new zines

I just added more great new zines to the distro

this powerful, well crafted zine, written by a girl in highschool, is about watching her sister become suicidal and start cutting and eventually going to the psychiatric hospital, and herself becoming a ghost in the family. Her sister telling about being sexually abused by her grandfather, and the writer remembering her abuse too. Powerful and brave.

SCAM #9: DAMAGED The story of Black Flag's Classic First Album!
Not just about Black Flag, but about the whole political and social fabric of the country and L.A. and punk of this time. Super interesting.

SCAM: The First Four Issues! the mutiny in miami and more...
SCAM started in '91. This is a compilation of the early issues, which are so great! "Squatting in Miami! Stealing Electricity from Lampposts! Illegal Generator Punk Shows!Scam Punks First Freight Train Ride..."

Pasan Los Dias Days Go By
About growing up in Mexico - punk in Mexico, finding Anarchism, telling her family about being raped, being part of a punk scene where politics and punk went hand in hand - and then the apathetic punk influence starting to come in to the scene, womyn in punk, Ladyfest, and so much more!

Cheer the Eff Up #3
If you've already read #1 + #2, then you know how good this zine is. This issue Jonal realizes he's a henchman to real-life supervillains, reconnects with old friends and works on getting his life back. being shy, Art Night, Occupy Wall Street, Confusing Anarchy with Apathy. Jonas is a gifted storyteller, and even if it is (partially) fictional (or is it?) the stories are so TRUE, and so tragic and redemptive.

Skinned Heart Quatro
About recovering from an emotionally and physically abusive relationship - some of the details of it. I am always so proud when people have the ability to write about what exactly was the abuse, because emotional abuse is so commonly not recognized when we're in it, and it can really help to see other people's experiences - to be able to say "yes! That is what it was like for me too!" And it is also so good to read about her becoming herself again - learning to have confidence, taking care of herself, her current healthy relationship, still caring about the world and people.
Also about Assimilation and Resistance, living away from her family and longing for her cultural roots (living in Seattle instead of the South West), family history and that feeling of living in dual realities, and assimilation being hard to stop.

Close to my Heart: a breast zine (and, perhaps, a memorial)
a zine born from exploring and growing into their gender-queer identity. Writing about gender-queerness, family and memories and embodied experiences about their breasts in preperation for deciding about getting top surgery.

Nashville Transit.
About being a transguy and riding public transportation during early transition. There's verbal and sexual harrassment, and transphobia and homophobia, and also some really amazingly sweet stories. I love the last story most of all - about sitting on a plane and the girl sitting next to him is on her way to a camp in Tennessee because she tried to kill herself and thinks she might be gay, but her parents say she'll go to hell if she's gay - and I won't ruin the story by telling you the rest. 

thou shalt not talk about the white boys' club: challenging the unwritten rules of punk
I know that in many, many towns, the punk scene is different than where I have lived - I've seen it in many other places. This zine comes out of Lancaster PA, and is written by Sari (of Hoax and You've Got a Friend... zines) They write in the intro: "I've uncovered 7 hidden commandments for access into this punk syndicate, and attempt to deconstruct them..." they include 1. Thou Shalt Not Get Dressed Without A Mirror, 2. Thou Shalt Fear The Feminine 6. Thou Shalt be Pure (purity in politics, behaviors, and interests ... etc.
It includes cultural critiques, personal experiences, and has a list of questions at the end of each section to help open up dialogue.

A Compilation zine written by people involved in Slutwalk. There are personal stories about street harrassment and the difficulty of holding in all the rage and sorrow, about rape and sexual assault and how invisible lesbian or queer assault can be, the double standard about how women are taught to prevent rape but people are not taught not to rape in the first place, victim blameing, slutwalk photos, and more.
I have always wondered about Slutwalk, since it doesn't happen where I live, and it is really good to read the wide variety of ages and voices involved in this compilation.

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