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Monday, December 3, 2012

Self Care / Community Support compzine (call for submissions)

Activism and Social Justice can be as exhausting as they are rewarding. Trying to navigate the choppy waters of mental and physical health conditions, even without the added stressors of stigma, can be brutally overwhelming. Family, jobs, school, even work that we find personally rewarding can be hard to maintain on a long-term level.
Self-care means (often wildly) different things to different people - this zine will attempt to start a dialog within communities about how we can better support ourselves and each other during times of stress and trauma. This compilation is open to stopies, first person narratives, illustrations and photography, poetry, lists, recipies, etc.
Some possible topics might include:
- what is self-care? why is it important?
- self-care on the cheap: free or cheap ways to take good care of yourself
- the role of allies: how can you support friends who are having problems with socialization
- easy recipes for when everything seems impossible and/or exhausting
- experiences of POC/queer/trans/gender non-conforming folks within the scope of feminism, anarchism, activism
- the value of vegging: sometimes shutting off your brain is the most useful thing you can do
- how to ask for help when everything but silence is painful There aren’t any limits to what you can write about, of course, these are just a few ideas that I have been throwing around. I hope to make this into a zine and a PDF that are available for wide distribution, but contributors will be the first people to get copies from me (and will be encouraged to send this project as far into the wide world as possible).
Deadline is Janurary 30, 2013 with a (hopeful and admittedly ambitious) publication date of March 1, 2013. Please email submissions to: piratesarah@gmail.com (or email if you need to send them via snail mail)

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