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Monday, December 24, 2012

Bowman 2016, Chapter 2

Bowman 2016, Chapter 2
digest, color cover, 36 pages, $5
The second chapter in a story about an earthling astronaut who is lost in space. He finds himself in a “mysterious and strange dimension” and soon discovers the “cruel and emotionless ways of his new alien environment.” For starters, he gets himself thrown in prison. Luckily, he had made an earlier discovery that aids him in his escape. After that, plenty of other wildness ensues. Frankly, I found this comic bizarre, but it is science fiction, so of course. However, I also found it hard to follow. The artwork is so busy and messy (and intentionally so), that figuring out what’s going on in each panel and each page is a bit challenging. But with patience and some effort, the story was more or less clear, and it was entertaining enough. There is a “not for kids” warning on the cover, and I would say that due to the violence and vulgarity contained in these pages, that that’s probably a warning worth heeding.

Yeah Dude Comics
503 Greenwich Street Philadelphia PA 19148
Hic & Hoc Publications
97 N. Mountain Ave.
Montclair NJ 07042

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