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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zine Review: Railroad Semantics #5

Zine Review: Railroad Semantics #5

Railroad Semantics #5
100 pages / half letter

Imagine you’ve embarked on a journey with only a few essential items in your backpack & a not-so-trusty cellphone … almost everywhere you travel on this journey you will be breaking the law, and almost everyone you encounter may be hostile. You’ll take pictures & write in a notebook as a chronicle of your journey. You’ll brave the elements. You may not arrive at your intended destination, and if you do arrive, it may not be on your timetable or on your terms. And almost everything you do on your journey poses a physical risk.

You’ll find all of this & more in Aaron Dactyl ‘s zine Railroad Semantics. Issue #5 continues the tradition of trainhopping journals from the tracks. Aaron relates his misadventures and is a tour guide into a rarely seen world, traversing ominous and beauteous landscapes. His zine includes news clippings related to train culture, exceptional photography, and lots of pics of railroad graffiti … this is a zine to disappear into … you can almost feel the rumble beneath the boxcar as you read. Highly literate & highly recommended.

Railroad Semantics is available from Microcosm Publishing.

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