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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

new zines and stuff in distro

at www.dorisdorisdoris.com/zines

Support Marie Mason Tee-shirts
Marie Mason is my pen pal, and a political prisoner. She is serving the longest prison sentence of any environmental activist in the US. 22 years for damaging an office connected to GMO research, and destroying a piece of logging equipment. No one was injured or killed. Marie is a mother of 2, and was a community organizer, journalist, and song writer. She worked to link environmental and labor movements. She was snitched out by her then-husband, and has been labeled a "terrorist". Even if you don't agree with her acts, the outrageous sentences is insane, and a clear tactic by the government to place fear into environmental, and other activist groups.
All proceeds from tee-shirt sales go directly to Marie's prison fund.
also, check out her website at supportmariemason.org and consider placing a further donation.

wrought iron #1
beautifully written, small stories that add up to a whole: working a piza place and making pizza and how tactile it is, like sewing or metal working, put also just a repetive wage job; trying to go to the Beehive Design Collective annual party but getting side tracked by the ocean; madness and mania; working against mountain top removal; places they felt at home and not at home; Salem witch trials. This zine is more than the content of the stoires, it brings yo uin with it's detailed wiring, to a life beautifully lived and searching.

on the road to healing: an anthology for men ending sexism
this book was originally a series of zines that came out between 1998 and 2004. I was always so impressed by the work basil was doing, and am excited to have these zines all together in a book! It's a great collection of short, accessible, powerful essays and stories. Includes: The Cult of Manhood, My Reisistance to Feminism, Intentional Masculinities Interview, Personal Goals for Ending Sexism, and a ton more!

So You Want to Start a Feminist Collective... a flight plan for newly-hatching flock
This is an excellent resource and great inspiration for starting a feminist collective, from the For the Birds collective in NYC. It includes their new member packet, witch details their structure and organization, an article about obstacles they've encountered and solutions, "What We Do, How We Do It," and more! It is so important that we form collectives and learn to work and fight and learn together, and this is a great beginning! Get it and start a group!

Black Out #1
by Tara from Stunned Lungs, this beautiful layed out, smart and haunting zine discusses the relationship they've had with their body, doing polyamory badly and irresponsibly, surviving rape/non consentual sex as a teenager, self-care and resistance to self-care, growing up poor, and more.

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