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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two New Zines from Hannah

Two New Zines!

I'm happy to (finally!) announce that I have two new zines completed!

Not Lonely #6

This issue of Not Lonely is largely concerned with a recent trip I made to Holland. I write about getting there (despite a fear of flying), exploring Rotterdam and Amsterdam and going to a fairytale-themed amusement park, the Efteling. I talk about differences between British and Dutch culture and wonder if I'd like to move over there. There is also an (unrelated) item about books I loved as a child, as well as the "usual" handwritten introduction. The zine was made cut-and-paste style with lots of different layouts, collages and photos from my Holland excursion.

A6 (quarter-sized), 40 pages, pretty text-heavy.

Some pictures from inside the zine:


The Malcontents' Book Club #1

The Malcontents' Book Club is like a book blog, only in zine form. Within it I review (often scathingly) 10 books, including fiction, memoirs and nonfiction. If you enjoyed the book article in Not Lonely #4 then you'll love this! The zine is made cut and paste style with lots of different collages and layouts.

A6 (quarter sized), 40 pages, pretty text-heavy.

Some pictures from inside the zine:

You can buy both zines from my new etsy shop, or email me (not_lonely_zineATyahoo.co.uk) about trades.

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