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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aloha from Hawaii #1

Aloha from Hawaii #1
digest, 20 pages, $2/trade
Presented in P5!’s characteristic cut-n-paste style, this zine is a great introduction to Hawaii from a Hawaiian resident. P5! (of Pussy zine) begins the zine by explaining that aside from meaning “hello” and “good-bye,” aloha can also mean “having love, patience, presence, kindness, and mindfulness in everything we do” – a description and mindset that is threaded throughout the content of this zine. Much of the writing is lifted from un-cited sources, but it is interesting and insightful nonetheless. One piece discusses the importance of indigenous cultures and the indispensible wisdom that they can offer modern cultures. In another piece a grandmother laments the wasteful and shortsighted ways of younger generations and compares it to her frugal and self-sufficient upbringing and lifestyle. The versatility of the coconut is also discussed, and P5! offers several coconut recipes in addition to revealing some personal thoughts about this invaluable and important plant. Thrift store finds and classified ads are also included in these pages. Overall, this is a great little zine from an intriguing individual.
HC 1 Box 1030
Kaunakakai HI

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