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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Zine Showcase #17

Zine Showcase #17

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ZEENE #1 Cups // £1.50 + shipping

Zeene has issued five zines so far, each one having a topic that asks more questions than it answers. Cups is the first zine released and devotes all 20 pages to.. cups. Stories, crosswords, drawings, photographs and an interview. Rather peculiarly entertaining - cups are important after all.

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The Bicycle Zine // $1.50 + shipping

Fuelling my increasing (and uncontrollable) desire to purchase a bicycle, The Bicycle Zine has done nothing but encourage this dream. Created from a lack of sleep and a penchant for beautiful bikes this A6 sized, 18 page, full colour cover zine was produced. Illustrations on every page in that sketchy style I love so dearly, along with two adorable bicycle stickers make this zine utterly marvellous.


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Lost Boy #2 // £2.50 + shipping

The second instalment of Lost Boy, with 60 pages of black and white content, does not fail to impress. Inside its pages you can find a heavy mix of gig reviews, interviews, skateboarding, awesome photography, and a new film reviewer (Matt Musk) who joins the Lost Boy team. As with the previous issue, this collaborative has a slick look with tons of attitude and interesting content.

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