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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zine Showcase #16

Zine Showcase #16

Dennis Pomales

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In The Headlights // $1 + shipping

An 8 page, full colour mini-zine with illustrations of alien video broadcasts. This is the third time I have featured Dennis Pomales' work purely because it is so fabulously distinctive and wonderful to look at. Aside from the peculiar (yet utterly marvellous) illustrative content, the colour work is gorgeous and only adds to the charm of this zine.

Nathan Carter

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Will You Marry Me Sasquatch? // $1 + shipping

Another gentleman whose work I have featured more than once. I find the hand drawn typography, sketchy illustrations and diary style content an absolute delight to read. Nathan Carter's Will You Marry Me series is definitely one worth taking your time to discover.

Christopher Fischer

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Speaking Of Hate // currently unavailable

I cannot explain how positively tremendous I find Christopher Fischer's zines to be. The messy, scratchy, scrawly illustrations accompanied by the peculiar, sometimes incoherent, writing combines to create an freakishly remarkable zine.


Jenny Robins

Website // Shop
What Birds Are Really Thinking // $4 + shipping

I have always wondered what birds might be thinking whilst they go about their daily business of waking me long before I need to arise by singing at full pelt outside my bedroom window; I never realised it concerned soft furnishings. An A7 sized, full colour, gloriously illustrated zine.


Beverly Ealdama

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A Million City Lights #2 // $3 + shipping

Beverly Ealdama's 12 page, full colour mini-zines packed with hand drawn type and motivation messages never fails to impress. Enthusiastic, positive affirmations of self appreciation perfectly packaged into this tiny little red zine.

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