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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ninja Sushi

Ninja Sushi

162 pages, digest size, by Kapreles k8pr3135.blogspot.com, published by XTRA - www.uitgeverijxtra.nl
OK, this book is awesome enough, but right now I wanna talk about my blurb on the back cover. It's my first blurb! Kapreles asked me if he could get the publisher (XTRA) to put part of one of my reviews of his work on the back of his new comix art book, and naturally I said hell yeah. I received this in the mail today from XTRA, and I don't mind admitting that seeing my 'blurb' on the back cover made me feel VERY HAPPY! And willya lookit that! It's in Dutch, too!
Anyway, I just checked out the XTRA website and I couldn't find this, maybe because I'm drunk or maybe because the book is so new it's not up there yet, but if you like Kapreles's art, then this beautifully produced book is highly recommended. Even recommended to those of you unfamiliar with Kapreles's art, if you love strong, darkly comic, outsider art. You will love it.
Um, I think the INSIDE artzine blurb is better than mine, so maybe mine was used because it is short, only two sentences.
I've gotta write a more substantial review of this one. Coming soon!

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