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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anti-Civ Dictums

Anti-Civ Dictums

28 pages, digest size, $1.00 or trade, from Sid Clark, PO Box 32, Morgantown WV 26507, USA + sidclark1953(at)gmail.com
This is a "fire-breathing, crazy-old-man, radical pamphlet," as Sid wrote in his note to me. Well, if that's the case then the world needs more fire-breathing, crazy old men because this was one of the more enjoyable zines I've had the pleasure of reading lately.
As the title suggests, this zine is targeted at cities and their malevolent effects, "City living is forced and unnatural. It exacts a heavy mental and physical toll." Formal education is also attacked: "Education is primarily a form of social control; the more educated you are, the more controlled your are."
Sid's thoughts/advice/rants also cover Friends and Family, Children, Adulthood, Science and Technology, Leftists, Strength & Healing, and a chapter titled 'Paths of Glory' explores alternatives to The System's monopoly on life paths. Some popular life-path alternatives are examined: Hippies, Punks, Jocks, Nerds, and Rednecks.
There's a section of Homilies, here's a handful of these - 'The more you love the system, the sicker you are'; 'To live fully you must be active, physical, down-and-dirty'; 'Only comic fanboys believe in violent rebellion'; 'All systems are sick. A misfit is the only way to be.'
Sid wraps it up with a 'Further Reading' list, split into Non-Fiction, First Person Narratives, Novels, Essays/Pamphlets, and Zines. It sure was a surprise to see Samuel Delany's Hogg included here (one of the most perverse novels ever written, even compared to such works as J.G. Ballard's Crash.) I'm going to make sure to track down the publications on this reading list.
Also mustn't forget to mention the terrific cover by Dr. Al Ackerman, The Blaster.
I can't recommend Anti-Civ Dictums highly enough to freethinking readers, those who value the 'eccentric crazies' dismissed by the sheeple of the world.

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