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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Geneva13 #12

Geneva13 #12, digest, 60 pages, $2
Every city should have a zine like this. A bunch of folks from Geneva, NY writing about stuff that matters to them, their community, and the world at large. This issue's loose theme is "foot power," and the intent is to not only promote alternative forms of transportation, but to inspire people to consider the social change that could come from pursuing such things. Included are interviews with bike shop workers, a bike shop owner, a triathlon founder, and a sandal maker. Also included are essays about eating local, pedestrian-centric cities, and the return of the small business model. Furthermore, there is a punkastronomy piece, thoughts about Geneva 13,000 years ago, and a few music reviews among other things. This is a big zine with lots to read and think about and some great photography thrown in as well. What I love most about this zine is its dedication to community, local issues, DIY, and social change. Seriously, if every city had a zine like this I think we'd be in pretty good shape.
Geneva13 Press, PO Box 13, Geneva NY 14456

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