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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zine - Good evening - $6.00


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via gracialouise on 10/29/08

Good evening, good evening. So nice of you to come all this way, a small zine by Gracia Haby. A 15 X 10.5cm, Colour and B&W copy, 32 page printed zine with a bright red cover card and cardboard back, with a glued spine. Featuring postcard collages exhibited as part of But for the moon nobody could see us with Louise Jennison at Imp (August-September, 2008), and collected photographic ephemera and postcards received in their original state from friends and reworked with collage elements and text. Postcard collages featured include: Mind how you scamper, Mind how you go in the capital, A fine balancing act (I and II), and Feeling gigantic. Expect within the pages of this zine to receive a little love with your cabbage roll, to comb the lawns of Killarney in Ireland, to brake a few roof tiles in Stockholm and discover blue skies in Germany. Yours affectionately, with crumpled whiskers and sealed with a wet kiss - discover Postcard Travels, a sporadic series of mail. Zine proportions: 15 cm X 10.5 cm. Glean a little more here. {Please note: price shown in Australian dollars.} {Please note (also): coloured pencils not included.}


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