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Sunday, November 2, 2008

In case you're interested in getting involved, here's IU's press release:

So, I'd like to ask for everyone's participation in rallying together to
start a ZINE.   A recent acquisition has brought us the capabilities and
we'd like to turn to you all for content.  What are we looking for??
Mainly this:

- Review Ithaca Underground shows: lets start letting others know what
they're missing out on.
- Album reviews: review albums on artists that will be playing Ithaca soon
or artists you favor
- Poetry/Essay/Written work: Political, social commentary, creative works,
manifestos, etc etc.  Pretty open to view points but leaning towards
independent thought, do it your self and freedom from traditional press.
- Suggestions on sustainable living
- Stories from "the old school": some of you on this list may take offence
to the term but I know we have some on this list that were involved in the
early punk scenes and we'd love to hear your stories from the days of
- Artwork!!  Small to large, for use in full page or just sporadically
placed throughout.
- Other stuff we haven't thought of

Please submit by Nov 21 so we may have it ready to promote our shows in

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