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Friday, July 11, 2008

Night of the Locust zine Issue 4 is out now.


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via Thumped - Home Publishing by Grenouille on 7/9/08

Night of the Locust zine Issue 4 is out now.

This issue houses interviews with Frigits and Class Destruction, articles by Dirtbag, Note Vole, Sarah Usher and Trev Meehan, a short story by Kieran Griffin as well as reviews and a piece on busting wheel clamps.

It costs one euro from : Kollin, No. 3 Shanakiel Place, Sundays Well Road, Cork. E-mail : neverinamillion@gmail.com

I'll keep ye posted on who has it in Galway and beyond.

If anybody wants to take some to sell, get in touch.

I'll happily trade for other zines, demos or mixtapes.


Things you can do from here:


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