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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bitch Magazine: The Wired Issue (Issue 39)

via Feminist Review by Feminist Review on 6/11/08
Having never read an issue of Bitch, I found myself apprehensive when beginning my read of "The Wired Issue." The word "bitch" conjures a menagerie of intimidating persons to mind, and my expectation was that the content would be something similar. While I encountered a few impassioned articles and editorials, the majority of the issue's content was exploratory, explanatory, and thought provoking.

The magazine describes itself as the "feminist response to pop culture," and its content covers a range of topics including technology, the media, music, and film. "The Wired Issue" explores feminism in the digital age - from the affects of coffee on women's systems to misogyny in the blogosphere and "Bionic Betties." Enlightening? Most definitely.

While some readers might leave the issue feeling as if the writers are all under the impression that it's "us" against "them," the majority of their observations are overwhelmingly true. For instance, when was the last time you heard about a male blogger being threatened with rape and the kidnapping of his children? Also published in this issue is an article on how to spot bunk reporting, a skill we could all use in a world of aggregators and recycled leads.

Ultimately, I discovered that Bitch provides perspectives from men and women of varying ethnic backgrounds on topics you won't find anywhere else. I am particularly fond of the "Bitch List" column, which is described as "an annotated guide to some of our favorite things." Without it, I know I never would have heard of drag king trading cards or the crocheted uteri doll.

Even if you can't find "The Wired Issue" I recommend investing in a copy of Bitch. Its illuminating content may turn the time you devote to casual reading into something a bit more fulfilling.

Review by Lizz Clements
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