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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Zine Review: The Strange Voyage of the Leona Joyce


via paper/xerox/staples by Mike on 1/5/08
44 pages, mostly text, with 8 photos and 4 drawings.

This compelling zine relays a true-story tale about some friends and a dog that commit to navigate the Mississippi River together for a few months. The narrator and his chums take their ride on a tiny handmade vessel built with found objects scavenged from dumpsters and junkyards. The crew boldly takes their place on the big muddy river amid the chaos of modern commercial barges and luxury cruise ships. Within the story are some feel-good moments and some not-so-fun adventures. Emergencies creep in. For this reader, sitting upon her cushy chair in a climate-controlled room, the narrative is rich. Words reveal that the river is not entirely romantic and tame. After a breakdown on the river, the zine’s author writes a little gem in his log book, “I put the engine together last night by lantern and maglight held in my teeth. It is much nicer to hold a maglight in your mouth if you wrap some duct tape around the end so your teeth have something better to bite on than metal… As long as it keeps running, I’m happy.” So REAL with detail, isn’t it? I recommend this zine to all of those DIY types who crave adventure.

We carry this zine so email us. -Mike


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