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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Burn In Hell, Buddy #4

via NeuFutur Magazine by admin on 12/28/07

Burn In Hell, Buddy #4 / :30 / 40M /

Burn In Hell, Buddy has always been an excellent zine, and the stylistic change into somewhat of a journal-entry zine is done with care. In this issue, the main story arc revolves around VK and Kelly’s trip down south to Georgia, where they meet up with a band of youths that are camping. The entire experience feels surreal, as the youths both act precisely how the stereotype of a teen in the South “should” act and completely against the grain, in the odd, almost-tolerant way they treat VK and Kelly during their trip. Other lands wait VK and Kelly, and each of the events is enough to maintain the high humor and “can’t put it down” feel of this zine. I mean, where else in zinelandia could individuals read about two “grown-ups” playing a Britney Spears dancing game one page, and being attacked by bugs in New Orleans the next? Aside from the actual text, the way in which VK laid out this issue really aids the flow of the narrative. From a collage of different pictures which make up the front cover, to the narrative-relevant pictures strewn about the zine, the use of the visual in this zine is beyond reproach. The narrative style of the zine is comfortable and never feels like someone is coasting along, trying to kick-start an idea. The episodic nature of this zine, coupled with the oft-humorous tales related, ensure a read that will be enjoyed by all. Make sure to e-mail, rather than write VK about this zine - as one can guess, VK is a wanderer and may not be able to pick up eir mail often.

Rating: 7.0/10

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