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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time Warp Comix #1 and #2-Weird Muse Productions

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 10/9/07

Time Warp Comix #1 and #2 from Weird Muse Productions. These are the start of a mini comic series by editor and artist Dan W. Taylor. This first issue is on orange paper stock, 8 pages with covers. $1 ppd per issue. Dan has started up this series as a mini comix project dedicated to the memory of Clay Geerdes and Comicx World / Comix Wave. Some of the contributors worked for Clay back in the days of Comix Wave and some just want to tip their hat to Clay by contributing to this series. First strip "I Remember Clay" by Jim Valentino. A great short story about Clay and how he inspired creators to "Just Draw!". Next story is: "Just a Couple of Geezers" by Vjtko. Very good art and story and the back cover is by the late, Michael Roden. Which is nice to see. Michael passed away in August of this year and the small press community will miss him. #2 has work by David Miller, Jim Siergey and Michael Roden. Another great issue. Oh, and you don't have an authentic copy of Time Warp Comix unless it is signed by Dan W. Taylor! (5 out of 5) Wish these were more than just 8 pages.
$1 ppd per issue (I know of at least 4 issues out by now) Dan W. Taylor/1833 Guntle Rd./New Lebanon, OH 45345 or get them at: http://weirdmuse.ecrater.com

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