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Friday, October 26, 2007

Super Shorts #1, White Elephant Productions

via Small Press Newsroom by -AF on 10/25/07

Super Shorts #1, White Elephant Productions. Jeff Brister writer, Alex De-Gruchy writer and Darrel Miller artist and writer. Full size comic, color cover, black and white interior pages with grey tones. 12 pages. Printed by Ka-Blam.

Well this is a very short comic, with three short stories. First we have Captain Mighty in BULLET PROOF by Darrel Miller. This story was drawn simply, but well. Sort of a parody of Shazam it seems. A surprise ending. Slow Day by Jeff Brister and Darrel Miller. The story has a bit of an edge, "It's just fun. Even when people want to kill others." This super character has no problem with an alien. Too bad this didn't have more going on...it was just starting to build up to something. Recruitment Drive by Alex De-Gruchy and Darrel Miller. This story has more going on and the art has more detail showing that Darrel can do more if given the right story perhaps...I liked the premise of auditioning for a super-villain to join the team with unexpected results. The ending was good. Overall I'd say that if they all worked together on a story that was more like 24 pages, and let Darrel take his time and work on the art a bit more as to backgrounds and such....they could have something here. I see on their blog that they plan to have issues out on a regular basis. That is good to hear as they will surely improve by staying at it. I'm eager to see more by these guys and hope they take more time and develop more of a story. I liked the art in each story, especially the last one. Maybe if they keep some of these characters going, they can find their voice and really get something going here. I liked the fact that each story was a comedy and hope they stay this course. Oh and the cover is very simple but effective. Like the silver age Fantastic Four font on the cover, nice touch. (3 out of five "super" stars) The book has no price but does have some contact info in the inside back cover: www.supershorts.blogspot.com or email Darrel Miller: dm52082@hotmail.com or Jeff Brister: brister.jeff@gmail.com or Alex De-Gruchy: rockand jack@yahoo.co.uk


  1. I am adding your blog as a link to my own. I'm a zine addict with an extra special affection for Portland zines (though I live in Chicago). Hello! ;)


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